Any surface exclusive decor

We use the latest advances in printing and can transform virtually any interior object into a work of art.


Edgy exterior of your office or building will help impress your customers. UV printing makes it possible to decorate with any image false façade adding it to your brand.


Every solid curved surface – be it carbody, bycicles, ironmongery, interior design items, figurines – can become an artwork. UV printing can make even old and inexpensive things look fabulous!


Level tile courses will look more vivid and unorthodox if brightened with UV printing. Besides glazed tiles you can also decorate porcelain stoneware, Dutchware, plastic panels or ornamental stone.

Paper hangings

Printing on wallpapers or elastic plaster has no limitations – there you can let your imagination run free. Nursery, living room, hall, office – any space could be turned into the room of your dreams by virtue of UV printing.

Laminated Glass

Laminated safety glass is used for making stairways, tabletops, railings and other transparent items that require mechanical strength. Putting a twist with UV printing will be a pleasant surprise that will live long since it is abrasion-resistant.

About us is an art center that specializes in sophisticated and unconventional printing solutions on various surfaces, including large-format printing. We use a wide range of the latest equipment from well-known manufacturers such as Canon, including plotters, cutters, and other devices.


We have the capability to print on nearly any solid and uniform surface that is of sufficient size. Although we have limits to our capabilities, we are constantly pushing ourselves to expand these limits even further. So, even if your task may seem insurmountable, please don't hesitate to contact us! We find inspiration in complex and challenging projects which help us to hone our skills and derive a sense of satisfaction from our work.

Our equipment

UV-LED Flatbed Printer

The SOVA Glyph

The true 8x4 flatbed UV-LED printer is equipped with the premium LIPLA ink and the latest generation of Kyocera printheads, providing superior printing quality.

The SOVA Glyph UV-LED Flatbed Printer
Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine

The TPS X7

This machine can cut various designs into non-metallic materials using full-cutting, half-cutting, boring and milling, punching, creasing, and marking. It improves production efficiency for sample-making and small batch production.

The TPS X7 Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine